c o r e   c o n n e c t   p i l a t e s

About Core Connect Pilates

CCP is an in-home studio offering a brain-based approach to pilates, movement, and wellness through the lens of applied neurology.  Providing good sensory input to your brain and nervous system creates better motor output – improved gait, balance, posture, pain relief, and general well-being.  Our brain receives sensory input through our visual, vestibular, and proprioceptive (knowing where your body is in space) systems.  Integration of these systems is critical in your ability to move around in the world. 

Joseph Pilates once said, “Change happens through movement, and movement heals,” and I wholeheartedly embrace this philosophy. My belief in the transformative power of movement is the driving force behind my practice. Whether you’re pursuing fitness goals, recovering from a stroke, or living with conditions like Parkinson’s or MS, each session with me is thoughtfully tailored to your individual needs and aspirations.

I see each day as an opportunity to unlock your fullest potential and live your best life. Together we’ll explore the profound connection between your mind and body, harnessing the magic of movement to help you achieve your wellness goals. Join me on this journey towards great health, strength, and vitality.

If you would like to learn more, please get in touch with me. 

About Susan

I’m a Springfield native with a passion for movement and helping others achieve their best lives. I hold a B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders from MSU(SMSU), a foundation that has enriched my understanding of the mind-body connection. 

When I’m not working, I cherish spending time with my family and friends, embarking on exciting adventures with my husband, and exploring new places with my dog. Live music is a source of joy in my life, and I never miss a chance to soak in the rhythms of the world.

With over a decade of experience as a certified STOTT Pilates instructor, I’ve honed my skills and expertise in the field of movement. Ensuring a comprehensive approach to fitness and wellness, my journey has taken me beyond traditional Pilates, with additional training in Active Isolated Stretching and ZHealth (applied Neurology.) I’m proud to have completed specialized courses in Pilates for Neurological Conditions and am a Level 2 Neuro Studio Practitioner, allowing me to support clients with unique needs.